The minimum age for renting a Camper4Travel® RV is 25 years old and the driver should have their driving license for at least 3 years.

  • The time needed to complete all the formalities and the takeover of the RV;
  • The time needed for the instructions;
  • The planning of the route for the takeover day, as well as the place where you will camp on the first night. We recommend a maximum of 300km/day.

In general, you can park your vehicle for free right at the location where you rented the RV from. The Bucharest and Craiova locations have security and video surveillance 24/24h.

Pets can be transported only with the prior approval of Camper4Travel®. Pets will be allowed after a deposit payment and an additional fee. It is of utmost importance that at you return the vehicle is as clean as those who travel without pets. Otherwise, travelling with pets may cause bigger expenses and extra costs for cleaning. The person who rents the RV is in charge of the safe transportation of the pets according to the regulations, as well as complying with the restrictions on entry into another country and vaccination.

In the event of an accident on the EU territory, in case of a fire, theft, damages caused by hunting or any other damages, the police and the Camper4Travel® consultant should be thoroughly noticed about the circumstances of the accident. All Camper4Travel® RVs hold CAMPER ASSISTANCE insurance.

Trips abroad, in Europe, are possible. Travels in Eastern Europe and to countries outside Europe need the prior approval of the rental company. There are certain travel limitations to some countries, for ex. Russia. Trips to warzones or crisis zones are forbidden.

Legally, there is not a special limit for RVs, they have the same restrictions as vehicles have, but we recommend a driving speed of approximately 30% lower than normal. On winding roads, more attention is needed because of the weight and height that may cause imbalance. On highways we recommend a driving speed between 100-110 km/h and for the rest of the roads 80-90 km/h.

Any time of the year because our RVs are ready not only for the bright summer sun, but also for the North European cold, having all the facilities to live there even at -20 Celsius degrees.

We do not have a kilometres limit, but our recommendation is to drive a maximum of 200-300 km per day since it can be tiring.

The heating system works on the tank’s diesel and the gas bottle is only used for the cooker, having a protection mechanism that allows you to disengage it safely.

  • Cleaning - 50€/stay (after each rental, the RVs go into a deep cleaning process: removing all the stains, smells and any other repairs so as the next costumer will enjoy the same comfort during the stay);
  • Supplies (gas bottle, toilet cleaning substances, soluble toilet paper) - 50€/stay. All the supplies are made for RVs, therefore we make sure that each costumer will have a full set for the whole stay;
  • Bicycles - 20€/stay/bicycle;
  • Mini-bar – free – on demand we can buy (extra charge) the groceries for your first breakfast;
  • Possibility of free transfer in the Southern part of Romania and extra charge in the whole country;
  • Vignette outside Romania and other road taxes;
  • Fuel (diesel);
  • Camping fee.

If you did not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us at
0040 772-226737 / 0040 771-785683